What's Included:

Our group introducing solids coaching is the perfect option if you’re looking to start your baby on solids with other parents on the exact same journey! With new content released every week and bi-weekly coaching sessions with us, you will know exactly what to do when starting solids as you follow our proven framework. Ensure your child gets the nutrition they need and prevent picky eating. Our group coaching program will take you from overwhelmed and anxious to as calm and confident as we are in feeding our kids!

  • Week 1: Nutrients of Importance, Building Baby’s Plate, & Allergies

  • Week 2: How to Start, What you need to Start; Traditional & BLW (+videos) Water & Utensils

  • Week 3: What to expect/What’s normal and what’s not , & gagging/choking

  • Week 4: Weaning - how and when to wean off of breastmilk or formula

  • Week 5 & 6: Nutrition for your toddler 12 months+ and what to expect with toddler eating

  • Week 7: How to set up your child for mealtime success

  • Week 8: Picky Eating Strategies

  • Week 9: Common toddler mealtime battles and how to fix them

  • Week 11 & 12: Fostering Body Love; Additional Support and Q&A

How It Works

  • We break it down for you

    New content released every week (for 12 weeks) so you're not overwhelmed. We take you step-by-step through introducing solids the right way so your baby gets the nutrition they need and we show you how you can prevent picky eating.

  • Bi-Weekly Live Video Coaching Calls

    Join us bi-weekly as we go through the content and answer any questions you may have. (P.S. We will provide recordings in case life gets hectic!)

  • Private membership community

    Join other us and other parents on the same journey in a fun community setting - share ideas, inspiration, and recipes with fellow moms!

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